Rice lightens the flavor and color (like corn, except without the corn aroma) and dries out the finish (like sugar).

dry finishing yeast?

The brew needs to finish with a very low SG to be considered “low carb” – less than 1004.

If a beer kit can is your normal method of brewing; you need to add only simple sugars, use a yeast that ferments thoroughly and run an extended fermentation (at least 14days).

Go for a kit with a lower bitterness level, like the IS Australian Pale Ale with a kilo of dextrose to 23 litres and dry hop (or hop infusion) with about 12g of pellets (like Tettnang, Hallertau, Hersbrucker). Ferment at 18C-20C with the kit yeast plus another sachet of kit yeast from our Original Series (this yeast is excellent for attenuating to low SG).

  • Dextrose brewing sugar, also referred to as corn sugar, is a naturally occurring form of glucose. Use dextrose instead of white sugar in either your fermentation or priming your beer when bottling. Dextrose is quicker to dissolve than white sugar and 100% fermentable.

I shouldn’t comment really since I’ve not had the pleasure of trying either of those fine brews. But, what popped into my mind was something like Can. Blonde or OS Lager (Not Larger! ) with 500g dex and 500g Rice malt with a dry finishing yeast (?)