Corona Clones:

  • Zwickel Corona Clone
    • 54,5% PiMa (6kg) – Pilsener Malt
      27,3% Corn/Mais (3kg)
      18,2% Rice (2kg)very little arome hops only
    • or 30% Mais (corn) and 20% rice
    • 60L beer: 6kg Pilsener Malt
      3kg Corn
      2kg Rice60g Hallertauer Hops 6,9%
    • using 70% Pilsener malt and 30% raw fruit (20% Corn, 10% Rice)
      I think, thats the maximum rate of raw fruit one can use. Its a pain in the arse to get all the starch converted, it tooks around 5 hours to finish mashing.
    • how did I brew it:6 kg Pilsener Malt
      3 kg Corn (Mais)
      2 kg Ricetake the whole Rice and Corn and boil it for 20min in 20Liter of water to wash out the starch.
      then add another 20Liter of cold Water and cool it to achieve around 52C.

      then mash in the 6kg Pilsener malt at 52C and rest for 30minutes,
      then rise the temp to 63C and rest for 90minutes (allow the enzymes to do theire work)
      next rest at 72C for 45min.
      go to 78 for 20min. and finish.

      sparge twice with about 20Liters, means 40Liters of Water.

      Now youll have approx. 72 Liter of wort.

      you may add 100g Hallertauer Pearl 5% at start to boil and boil it for 90minutes.

      In the end youll have around 65 Litres of Wort at SG 1048.
      let me remark, that I got the same SG as I have used pure Pilsener malt.

      Ferment it with low-temp-fermenting yeast (Pilsener).
      the attenuation will be higher then with Pilsener, it reached down to 1008(7), therefore 5,35% alcohol.

      have fun

    • yeah, plain white rice. It was the cheapest one I could get.
      I used the rice uncrashed, just as it is.
    • Boil the water first, then add the rice and corn, that will result in a very stiff paste/pulp, just let it simmer for a while, avoid scorching.
    • any bottom fermenting yeast should do the job, Ive used an ordinary pilsener yeast.
    • you may get corn as semolina, trade name “Polenta” ? Im not sure where to get it in Australia. Over here one can get a sack of corn as chicken food.
      Should be crashed, but not too fine.
    • ….and you need a sufficient stirrer
    • So why not to brew it your normal way? for a 25l batch I could imagine, to boil 1kg polenta and 500g rice in around 8 litres of water (put the rice and corn into boiling water to avoid scorching)Then add cold water, leave a little space for the malt, to reach 66C and add the pilsener malt, so the mash tun could be full.

      Just keep the 66C until iodine test shows neutral (could take 90min ore more).

      mash out.

      Sparge to your desired OG.

      Boil the wort for at least 60min., take a little bit aroma hops at begin of the boil.

      Since the Corona beer doesnt taste after hops, not at all, it doesnt matter what kind of hops youre using, just calculate it to around 15 IBU.

      Some people say, Corona contains no hops at all

    • Side Note by someone else: As I understand it flaked rice has already been gelatinized, dried out and flaked so it can go straight into your mash. If you’re using regular rice from coles you need to boil it to gelatinize it. I tip a 1kg bag into 5 litres of water and boil for an hour. Then that goes into the strike water, I get it to the right temp and dough in as normal. Beer with rice in it is always very clear, no idea why. I don’t wash, I think the ‘dust’ on rice nowadays is just starch, a long time ago it used to be talc to make the rice more shiny looking for the trade.
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  • What’s in corona?
    • Pale Lager
    • Water, yeast, barley malt, rice and/or corn
    • What grains is used to make corona?