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    Gustavo Petro’s trill caused an argument between the presidential presidential candidate and general Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro the commander via social media. In his tweet, Petro said that some (general) officers “are on the Clan’s payroll.”

    “While soldiers are being murdered by the Gulf Clan, some of the generals are on the Clan’s payroll. If politicians who are involved in drug trafficking become the. that they end up becoming generals themselves,” Gustavo Petro shared on social media. General Zapateiro’s response

    The message prompted the Army commander to respond, and he in six trills asked the presidential candidate about the statement. General Zapateiro stated: “There is no person more hurt by a soldier’s death than us who wear camouflage. Their families and the homeland are also affected, but the supreme sacrifice they made for their country should not be used as a story for a campaign.”

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    In another message the senior officer spoke about the amount of soldiers who have died in recent times. petro gustavo “Since 2021 more than 500 soldiers were wounded or killed during the course of their mission. Their sacrifices were not publicly acknowledged, so there were no announcements. It’s odd that the death and suffering of patriotic heroes can now be used to create other signs.

    Gustavo Petro was asked by the army commander to inform Gustavo Petro about any possible connections between generals and other groups than the law. The commander also asked him to submit a formal complaint to authorities.

    “Senator. Don’t make use of your investiture (parliamentary immunity) to try to use it to sway the fate of our soldiers. Instead, fulfill your duty as a citizen and file an substantiated complaint.


    He also added a third trill. “I remind the senator that you are part of a larger group which you can’t denounce as ‘drug trafficking political figures’. I would suggest that citizens do not generalize. Respect first and foremost”

    One of the most controversial comments issued by high-ranking officials is one in which he claimed that Colombians were witnessing their current president receive money “ina garbage bag”.

    “I have never seen any generals receiving illegal cash on TV.” The Colombians have seen you receive money in a garbage bag”” General Zapateiro stated.

    In closing the official’s letter, he said “to the oldest organization in this country, which members, both men and women, have steadfastly defended the democracy, this nation, for more than two centuries, even offering their lives for the cause, I demand that you be respected.”